Polaris Rail Trim/Anti-Stab Instructions

Our Anti-Stab kit comes with the following

  • Polaris Anti Stab Instructions:

    • This kit is designed to prevent the track clips and track windows from having contact with the end of the suspension rails.
    • Kit includes: 7075 Aluminum Shaft with 2 wheels, 2 bushings, 2 3/8-16 Grade 8 Bolts, 2 lock washers, and 2 limiter strap assemblies.
    • We suggest leaving about ½’’ of material between the edge of the hole for the anti stab shaft and the edge of the rail trim shown below in photo.
    • For Polaris Axys Models, simply removing the Limiter strap cross bar and replacing it with the Avid Products Antistab Kit should offer a very simple install as no additional hole drilling is required. The limiter straps will be installed between the suspension rails and anti-stab wheels. Proper location of kit will ensure there isn’t any suspension rail protruding past the wheels.
    • Please use liquid thread locker in addition to the lock washers when installing the shaft between the rails.
    • Cycle suspension to verify no contact between trimmed rails and drivers exist. The plastic tip protectors will not be re-used

Stock Suspension Rails, 2019 RMK 155

2019 AXYS RMK155 Stock Suspension Rail

Trim Line

Note, trim 1/2'' in front of stock limiter strap cross bar hole

Suspension rails trimmed compared to Stock rails.  Hyfax installed and approximate placement for trimming tapering hyfax and rail. Rounded rails to mimic the shape of the stock plastic rail tips.

Notice the rail tips do not go beyond the wheels